Chemistry represents how well a player will perform in FIFA 14 game. High chemistry values will result in your players performing well, whilst low chemistry values will hinder your players' ability. Chemistry is the connective tissue between your players in FUT 14. By building up your Squads Chemistry, you will increase your Player's performance on the pitch. High Chemistry is needed in order to order to build a strong Squad and beat your opponents in FUT.Fifa 14
FIFA Ultimate Team is all about chemistry. The aim of FUT is to place every player in their natural position and have all players from either the same nation, league or club. The first step in building up your FUT Squad and obtaining optimum Chemistry is placing players in their preferred position. You will notice a colored dot below each player which will tell you whether they are in the correct position. FIFA employs a traffic light system, so it should be easy to follow.
Red - Player is placed in an incorrect position, such as a Defender in a Forward position, a goalkeeper playing in the center of midfield. Your player will not receive any chemistry
Orange - Player is in a similar position to that of his own. For instance, a Center Midfielder in a Right Midfielder position, or a left winger playing as the central striker. These players receive a small amount of chemistry.
Green - Player is in his natural position,such as a Striker in a Striker Position. These players receive the highest chemistry.
In each formation, you will notice lines from each position connecting players to their immediate neighbors. These lines show you how closely connected players are in terms of chemistry. Including players from the same league or nation will provide a chemistry boost. Ideally, you want to have green lines connecting all players.
Red Line – These players share nothing in common, and will receive no chemistry bonus.
Orange Line - These players share only one attribute (league, nation or club) and will receive a small chemistry bonus
Green Line – By sharing more than one common attribute (league, nation or club), these players receive a high chemistry bonus.
Your overall team chemistry, which is visible on the side of your squad overview, is only a representation of each individual player’s chemistry. Individual chemistry affects how each player moves off the ball and positions themselves defensively. The scale of individual chemistry is one to 10, but team chemistry can reach 100. The higher a player’s individual chemistry, the better he will perform, making appropriate runs for passes and be better disciplined defensively. On the ball, they will perform as expected, as you are in control.
Managers have a direct effect on individual player chemistry. The important factors for manager cards are the manager’s nationality and their league. For example, you could have Roberto Mancini as your manager card, and his league could be the MLS. For every player on your team that is the same nationality as the manager, these players will receive +1 to their individual player chemistry. Players from the MLS will also receive a +1 bonus. You can change your manager’s league by purchasing the correct consumable in the transfer market, and then apply it to your active manager.
Player loyalty is new to Ultimate Team, and is a way of encouraging players to open packs or stick with the same players. By receiving a player from a pack, or playing him for a series of matches, he will receive a chemistry bonus. These bonuses will be indicated on each player’s individual card. After a player has featured in 10 fixtures, he will receive +1 to his individual chemistry. Player cards that receive a loyalty bonus will also turn into a shield. The FUT14 Chemistry is associated with the brand new features and changes from previous versions. Get a comprehensive understanding of chemistry, you will have more chances to win in FIFA 14!